Jake W. Lindsey, sr.             May 1, 1921 - July 18, 1988


16th Infantry - 1st Infantry Division


For gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyhond the call of duty on November 16, 1944 in Hamich/Gerrmany. T/Sgt. Lindsey assumed a position about 10 yards to the front of his Platoon during an intense enemy tank-infantry counterattack, and by his unerringly accurate fire destroyed two enemy machine gun nests, forced the withdrawl of two tanks, and effectivly halting enemmy flanking patrols. Later, although painfully wounded he engaged 8 Germans who were reestablishing machine gun, in hand-to-hand combat, killing 3, capturing 3 and the other 2 to flee. By his gallantry, T/Sgt. Lindsey secured his unit´s position and reflected great credit himself and the US Army

Francis X. McGraw                            April 29, 1918 - November 19, 1944