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    Randy Royce (Mittwoch, 12 Juni 2024 19:52)

    It was my pleasure to meet Albert in 2017 for the first time and to have him take me to so many memorable sites. They were memorable because my father (Sgt DeLyle Royce Shingledecker) served with Company F (the Castle Company), 413IR, 104ID. We toured Inden, Frenz, the Siegfried Line by Aachen, and Mariaweiler, where my dad spent Christmas in 1944. Along with another Timberwolf Pup (Dave White, son of Lt Fred White, Company L, same regiment) I returned this past May to Mariaweiler to continue exploration of the area. We once again asked Albert's assistance, and he stepped right up, taking us to other memorable sites, including two of the castles where my father's company saw action (Castle Rath, east of Arnoldsweiler, and Schloss Schlenderhan, near Bergheim), as well as what remains of the church in Manheim. This church had been scheduled for demolishment to permit lignite mining in the area, but has been granted a reprieve. Albert is a treasure trove of knowledge, and must be viewed as the "go to" guide for anyone anxious to learn more about the action in and around the approaches to the Roer River from Aachen to Dueren and including the Hurtgenwald. And don't forget his books! Reading his series "Gegen das Vewrgessen" is critical if you need to fully understand what occurred in the region. Dave and I cannot fully express our gratitude for associating with Albert and learning so much about our fathers' experiences under his tutelage. Albert - Vielen Dank!

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    Lynch (Montag, 10 Juni 2024)

    Albert was such a great host. He is so knowledgeable about the dates and events of the battles. He thoroughly explained the timeline to me. I was excited to see so many displays inside the museum. It was larger than i thought it would be. I highly recommend Albert and the museum that honors the memory of all soldiers.

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    Rand Paul (randpaul1963@hotmail.com) (Sonntag, 02 Januar 2022 22:23)

    I like history, especially WW2, your website is super informative. I would like to offer my respect to the veterans!

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    Rand Paul (Sonntag, 02 Januar 2022 22:22)


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    Philip L Sutphin (Montag, 20 September 2021 17:49)

    As always, very informative. I appreciate all the work Albert has done to provide closure for the sons and daughters of many of the American soldiers who fought in this area ...

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    Bob Weisenberg (Dienstag, 01 Dezember 2020 22:56)

    Hi Albert, Thanks for sharing this. I also appreciate your recent FB posting regarding my Uncle Bob on November 20th.

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    Stephen Cano (Mittwoch, 06 November 2019 06:17)

    Albert, this year marked the third year in a row I have attended your annual Hurtgen Forest conference. I left Germany and the Hurtgen Forest with many new friends, memories and experiences. Each year has brought new discoveries and has only increased my desire to return the following year. Aachen, Henri Chapelle U.S. Cemetery and Memorial, and the Remember Museum were all meaningful visits. And that was for only one day! There were so many more amazing places we visited. Too many too list! But every place visited was coupled with speakers that brought their deep knowledge and insight which allowed us to understand and explore the history behind them. But you have not only helped us learn facts but in truth helped us discover the humanity as well as human tragedy that so many soldiers (and civilians) experienced in the Hurtgen Forest and nearby towns. I will never forget it. I am deeply grateful for the rare opportunity to share our humanity as we openly talk about the war and our connections to it. But I am most grateful for the deep friendships that have come out of this rare experience. I'll see you next year, Albert. Your friend, Stephen Cano

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    Jeff Smith (Mittwoch, 06 November 2019 06:12)

    What a terrific conference! The tour guides were excellent and we visited many of the most important battle sites of World War II. A special thank you to Albert and his team for their attention to detail and making each day a special one. I hope to be able to return in the near future.

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    Neil Aresty (Samstag, 02 November 2019 03:10)

    Albert, thank you for inviting me to the October 2019 Conference on the Battles of Aachen and the Huertgen Forest. This was a "bucket list" item for me and it exceeded all my expectations. The visits to the battlefields in the Huertgen Forest and the City of Aachen, were brought to life with first person accounts - both written and as told in person by veterans Paul, Jack and Rudy. It was a memorable sight to see the 95 + year old, former combatants, dine together, talk late into the evening, and exhibit affection for each other. The Henri Chapelle US Cemetery (where my brother and I found our relative S/Sgt Haskell Cohen's grave, RIP) and the Merode WWII cemetery (and memorial service) were beautiful, serene and yet, shocking reminders of the depravity of war. Many of the attendee's on this journey were alumni from your prior year conferences. That fact spoke volumes to me. I left feeling a special and new comradeship with all of you. I am looking forward to returning with my wife and son and hope to visit the areas that my father, in Co. H, 12th Reg., 4ID, traveled during the war. Thank you for keeping the memories and this history alive.

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    Rmelanie Stegeman Halverson (Freitag, 01 November 2019 22:30)

    Wonderful event in October of 2019. Being able to see where my dad Lloyd Stegeman was during the war was very emotional but I also saw the places he told us about. I can not say enough good about Albert and his team of people that put this all together. They are keeping WWII alive and reminding us not to forget.

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    Jerry Fogle (Freitag, 01 November 2019 16:58)

    Thank you Albert and your team for a wonderful meeting in October 2019. We were able to visit many of the sites and towns that my father, Kenneth E. Fogle, 746th TB, mentioned in his writings. By visiting the sites and hearing the informative lectures, you brought to life the many things that occurred during late 1944 and early 1945. I would recommend this meeting for all interested in keeping alive the memories of the actions of our brave soldiers.

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    Johannes (Freitag, 01 November 2019 13:13)

    Tolle Geschichtsarbeit und super Aktionen, auf die ich über das sehr gute Interview im Deutschlandfunk heute Morgen aufmerksam geworden bin.
    Viele Grüße aus Berlin

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    Andersen Bo Jeremy (Donnerstag, 31 Oktober 2019 21:16)

    Thank you ALbert for this fantastic journey in the past, this tour with my friends from France and Pennsylvania was the best we can dream about. On many places of the 4th ID , MOH recipient , help to find the place for the one who haves their lifes ... hope to be back next year ! Steadfast and Loyal ! Jérémy

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    Mark surowiec (Sonntag, 27 Oktober 2019 21:59)

    My dad edward,and my uncle walter sak both served in the 26th regiment blue spaders. Dad in A comp. Lefty in H company. I met albert online. Found out he was my uncles sentinel at henn chap. It was a big decision to go overseas to Albert's 5th reunion. One I'll never regret for the rest of my life. He took us on a private tour of where our boys fought. Then the tour started. If we only had 1 day out of the7 to spend with albert and his crew, it would have been worth a million bucks. We learned so much about our two boys!!!! . Met so many nice people with the same interests as us. The museum's and secret museums too were unbelievable . Each one on their own better than cantigny. I consider albert a new brother. I cant thank you all enough for our trip. Cant wait to share further info with all. Thank you very much. Mark e surowiec. Proud blue spader son and nephew

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    Rick Amero (Dienstag, 22 Oktober 2019 02:42)

    Albert: Thank you for all your support and for keeping the memories of the soldiers alive. My Father Charles Amero, Company D, 26th Infantry Regiment.
    Fought in the Hurtgen Forest and then Battle of the Bulge.
    Wounded March 17th 945 at the Remagen Bridge.
    Rick Amero

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    Rob Stultz (Dienstag, 16 Juli 2019 21:53)

    Thanks, Albert, for building this website and for your work to reunite the veterans and their families to remember their ordeals and sacrifices during the Battle of Hurtgen Forest. I'll be there to re-trace my father's footsteps in September and look forward to meeting and spending some time with you.

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    Stefan Linder (Dienstag, 11 Juni 2019 19:32)

    Ich folge dir schon längere Zeit auf Facebook. Dir und Stefan Wilms

    Wer die Vergangenheit vergisst oder ignoriert, ist verdammt, diese in der Zukunft zu wiederholen.

    Ihr macht einen mehr als großartigen Job.
    Danke dafür!

    Ich hoffe, es kann mal weitergeführt werden, wenn wir alle mal nicht mehr da sind.

    Liebe Grüße
    Stefan Linder

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    Alex (Dienstag, 28 Mai 2019 10:12)

    Wunderbare, informative und interessant gestaltete Webseite eines Menschen der Geschichte lebt. Danke für deinen Beitrag gegen das Vergessen aller Opfer und den Irrsinn eines Krieges, lieber Albert. Freue mich auf ein Wiedersehen im Juni. Grüße an Sheila.


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    Walter Busch (Montag, 29 April 2019 18:17)

    Immer schön zu sehen dass, es Menschen gibt, die sich dafür einsetzen dass, die Geschichte und ganz besonders deren Opfer, nicht vergessen werden.
    1939-1945 eine Zeit des Grauen.. eine Zeit voller Blut, Tod und Trauer.
    Eine Zeit die nie in Vergessenheit geraten darf.

    Danke für die Arbeit um dies sicher zu stellen.
    Danke auch für die Arbeit, Hinterbliebenen Sicherheit und Trost zu geben.

    Walter Busch

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    Thomas Helbig (Montag, 29 April 2019 16:53)

    Albert, mach weiter so.
    Das wandelnde Geschichtslexikon

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    Thomas Behl (Montag, 29 April 2019 12:37)

    Super interessant.

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    Jack Braine (Mittwoch, 02 Mai 2018 19:06)

    Albert, You made my first trip to Europe just fantastic. You knowledge of WWII, the Hurtgen Forest and the Battle of the bulge was unsurpassed. I can't thank you enough. Your presentation on the Battle of Merode and the 26th Regiment of the 1st Infantry Division was excellent and your introduction to Karl Heck and your tour of Dom Butgenbach almost Spiritual knowing my Father had fought there. Again I thank you and please keep up your great work.

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    Irmgard Wahrheit (Samstag, 10 März 2018 12:05)

    Lieber Herr Trostorf, vielen herzlichen Dank für die Bilder meines Onkels Walter Freesemann auf Ihrer Seite. Es hat mich sehr berührt, die Bilder im Internet zu sehen.
    Falls noch irgendjemand hier auf dieser Seite ist und und im November/Dezember 1944 in Merode gekämpft hat, würde ich mich sehr freuen, wenn er sich meldet. Ein Manfred Weimar hat sich hier 2016 zu Wort gemeldet...wie gern würde ich mit ihm sprechen.

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    Terry Hirsch (Montag, 27 November 2017 20:53)

    Albert, thanks so much for guiding our family this past July to the local sites where our father went as a Timberwolf. We appreciate your knowledge of WWII and being available to the children of those soldiers.

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    Randy Royce (Montag, 20 November 2017 19:33)

    Albert - I cannot adequately express my appreciation for your hospitality this past May when my wife and I, as well as our good friends Dave and Sarah White, visited you in Merode. You had us immediately when you told us in your sitting room that the regiment of our fathers (SSG DeLyle Royce Shingledecker and 1Lt Fred R. White, both of the 413th Regiment) had fought on your farm. The excursion to the Inde River and Frenz, to the Roer River and Mariaweiler, and to the Siegfried Line only whet our appetites - we now must commit ourselves to returning and following in the footsteps of our fathers across the Roer, through Cologne, across the Rhine, and all the way to Nordhausen.

    We look forward to returning and to seeing you again!

    Very Respectfully yours

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    Jack R. Dauner (Sonntag, 19 November 2017 22:06)

    Dear Albert and Sheila:

    Please pardon the long delay in writing you to thank you for taking such good care of Natalie and me during our visit for the program in Duren. You did a wonderful job in the planning and implementation of the whole conference. It was terrific from start to finish. We particularly appreciate your picking us up and returning us back to the Dusseldorf airport.

    So far the only pictures we have received have been from Harry; and a note from Joe Wilson. I think that I have had some problems develop with my computer since Natalie said that Steve had tried to send some pictures but none ever came through. I am anxious to see and get some of these to pass on to some of the 9th Inf. Div. folks that I was with down at the meeting in Arizona. Also, I assume that you are sending Theta Ray, the editor of the Octofoil an article and pictures. One which would be very appropriate would be any photo of Rudi and me as two old WW2 War horses.

    Natalie and I just can’t thank you and Sheila enough for all you did to make us feel at home during the whole program. I have never seen Natalie so relaxed and laughing so much. She was happy all of the time and everyone was so pleasant toward both of us. We already have the last week of September and first week in October marked on our calendar for the Fourth Reunion in Duren, Germany. The good Lord willing we’ll be with you and we will also try and get a few more 9th Inf. Div. reunion folks to join us for another great program developed and administered by you and Sheila.

    In the meantime please extend our thanks to Marilyn and all the members of your committee for a job well done. Keep healthy and stay happy. We love you both. and by the way Natalie and I will be getting married on January 4, 2018, at the Community Congregational Church in Southern Pines, NC. Services will be conducted by Rev. Michael Dubbs and Rev. Bonnie Well. Bonnie is my niece and just received her pastoral degree. Needless to say Natalie and I are two very happy and loving people and hopefully the good Lord will see that we have at least 10 beautiful year together.

    God Bless both of you....

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    Mike Mooney (Donnerstag, 19 Oktober 2017 18:54)

    Thank you Albert and all your colleagues for an informative, emotional, wonderful "Sons and Daughters" weekend.

    Mike and Kathy Mooney

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    Yuri Beckers (Dienstag, 17 Oktober 2017 22:07)

    For the 3rd time my dad and I attended the "Sons and Daughters.." weekend in the Hürtgen Forest area. Albert, Sheila and Maren have done a great job again in organizing this year's program. From hearing the presentations by historians and well established and respected authors, to talking to both American and German veterans, hearing all the personal connections and stories by family members of both German as American soldiers, visiting the locations of the former battlefields and to create new friendships and seeing existing friends who all share the same passion for what happened.. the weekend was wonderful. I believe this event is quite unique, amd I am proud to be a part of it. Albert has done many things in the past to commemorate both German as American men, and it is always moving to commemorate these men together as one. I will surely be attending these meetings whenever they are organized. Thank you Albert, Sheila, Maren and Sebastian.

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    w.j. blanchard, jr (Dienstag, 17 Oktober 2017 17:56)

    Thanks Albert for a wonderful one day tour of the battle of the bulge. Its all I remember from my research for my book. Great job, wish I could have attended all the sessions, but you and your team did a great job. Next time I will make plans to attend all sessions. This is truely a fine experience to see relatiive and friends from both side of WWII in attendance and united for peace and friendship... thanks again ,, fine job.

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    André Beckers (NL) (Dienstag, 17 Oktober 2017 12:08)

    This was the 3th time that I participated in the Meeting of the Sons and Daughters of WWII Veterans, organized by Albert and his team. As before, I was impressed by the diversity of participants, the presentations and the outdoor program. Furthermore, this Meeting is an unique opportunity to learn more about the German side of the events that took place in the Hürtgen Forest (thanks Mario) and the Ardennes (thanks Doug), listen to personal memories of both German and US WWII Veterans. Regarding this last topic, it’s the fact that Germans, Americans and other nationalities are gathered together as “one” big family that is so special and appealing to me personally. The fine ambiance in the group, the informal discussions between participants, the moving stories told, the persistent searches for answers or information by some participants, the silent personal emotions at WWII historical sites: It’s all part of the Meeting. New friendships arise, existing ones reinforced. All of the above gives hope for a better understanding between people, makes one humble and grateful for the Freedom we live in today. I’m lucky that my son Yuri, who also participates in this Meeting, inherited my interest local WWII history since he was 7 years old and proud of his contribution to this Meeting as a historian, researcher and writer for the 9th Infantry Division. Thanks to Albert and his team for the continuing organization of this Meeting of the Sons and Daughters of WWII Veterans. Looking forward to 2018.

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    Kim Huvenaars (Dienstag, 17 Oktober 2017 09:06)

    I am from the Netherlands, and live close to the Ardennes and the Hurtgenwald. My grandparents have no war history (other than being occupied) but passed on an interest in the 2nd world war to me. I have met Albert by coincidence, and he invited me for the 2017 meeting which I joined on the Saturday.
    It was a great experience. Well organized, with a lot of sites we visited. The presentations/briefings were very interesting. The group of people and the dynamics in the group were amazing. I met wonderful people, who were willing to share their personal stories as well as their historical/military knowledge. A valuable experience, and I hope to join in 2018 again.
    Thank you team for the great effort!

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    Rev./Dr. A. Edward Moch (Montag, 16 Oktober 2017 19:18)

    Looking forward to connecting with you all :)
    Rev./Dr. A. Edward Moch (aka: Alfred Cota)

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    Michael Barbee (Sonntag, 15 Oktober 2017 22:19)

    My wife and I had an outstanding time at the 2017 reunion. Met a lot of fantastic people from Germany, the Netherlands and the States. I am so grateful to Albert and Mario for showing me where my grandfather lost his life fighting for the 12th Infantry Reg. of the 4th Div. on the hill overlooking Gey. I am definitely going to try to make this an annual trip. Thanks again Albert and company!!!!

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    Mikel (Sonntag, 15 Oktober 2017 22:09)

    The 2017 sons and daughters reunion was an outstanding experience! You're doing amazing work Albert! Keep it up!

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    Ann Hirsch (Sonntag, 15 Oktober 2017 20:42)

    As a Timberwolf pup,I can't even begin to explain how touching it was to be standing there looking down the road my father took as a Timberwolf with his 414th Regiment, and to be so near the place he was wounded. Thank you, Albert, for all your research and time spent showing us your area that makes up part of the story of the Timberwolves. Thank you for honoring the history of the Timberwolves, your wonderful tour, and for also showing us the Dragon's Teeth. It was an unforgettable day for our group.

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    Stephen Cano (Samstag, 07 Oktober 2017 03:38)

    I found the 2017 sons and daughters reunion to be a very touching experience. I was grateful to be around so many Hurtgen Forest historians. They all helped to give deep insight into the soldiers experiences and sacrifices. The other participants were the most wonderful people to be around. It was a joy to get to know them and walk with them for a few days. It really was a great group. Just good people who are now my friends..
    Albert and Sheila, a warm thank you for the most amazing team and tour. I'm deeply grateful for the experience.

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    Joe Wilson, Jr. (Donnerstag, 05 Oktober 2017 14:57)

    Just returned from the 3rd annual meeting. I've experienced so much and met so many remarkable individuals. Their kindness will be etched in my heart forever.

    Thank you Albert and Sheila.

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    Douglas Nash (Donnerstag, 05 Oktober 2017 12:39)

    I want to thank Albert and Maren again for the fantastic job that they arranging and running the 2017 reunion. I was impressed by the knowledge level of the participants and was proud to say that I was able to contribute just a little bit to the overall event. I hope you can make this an annual event, and I hope to be able to make it next year. Great job, everyone!

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    Harry D. Stumpf (Donnerstag, 05 Oktober 2017 11:10)

    Please thank your team for the 2017 Sons & Daughters reunion which I will remember.

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    Rick Hanger (Samstag, 22 Juli 2017 03:25)

    My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting Albert Trostorf ( 7 July 2017 ) when he took us into Hurtgen Forest to show me where my father had fought with US 1st Army 18 Div company A. I never knew my dad so this was a very emotional experience for me. The knowledge and information that Albert was able reveal was amazing, he made my visit very special. So wish we had known Albert earlier would have made our search so much easier, and now he is willing to help me find further information to know more about this part of my dads life. Was an honour to meet you Albert.

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    Bart van der Sterren (Mittwoch, 26 Oktober 2016 11:15)

    This is a beautiful website. Thank you for remembering all the soildiers who let their lives in the Hürtgen Forest. I adopted the name of Cliffe H. Wolfe, etched on the wall of the missing at the militairy cemetery in Margraten. Cliffe fought in the 109th Infantry Regiment, 28th Infantry Division, Company A. He went missing on 17 november 1944 at the Brandenburger Tor.

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    Kenneth F. Lochowicz (Mittwoch, 26 Oktober 2016 06:07)

    Hi Albert,
    My uncle’s sister Rosemarie, the rest of the family and I thank you for paying tribute to him. Pfc. Eugene E. Lochowicz is MIA. He was a member of Company A, 1st Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment, 8th Infantry Division. We hope someday his remains will be found. What follows is to let people know how we got to know each other. I joined a Yahoo group for the 8th division looking for information on my uncle. You emailed me and we became friends. Your website is well planned out and very informative. Again I feel honored that you have added my uncle to Individual Fates section of your website.
    Your friend,
    Kenneth F. Lochowicz

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    John McParland (Montag, 24 Oktober 2016 03:40)

    Albert - it was your advice that put me in touch with Golden Arrow Research to get Company Daily Reports for H Company 414th Rgt, 104th Division and C Company, 33rd Armored Rgt, 3rd Armored Division. Those reports were the key to finding the house in Breinig where my uncle met up with his friend from home in Feb 1945. The time you spent showing me around the Stolberg Corridor, the Donnerberg, Eschweiler Woods and the Hurtgen Forest was enlightening and moving. The depth of your knowledge is impressive. Thank you for taking me on an amazing journey.

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    Larry Stover (Donnerstag, 20 Oktober 2016 18:59)

    Enjoyed matching picture to actual scenes, the excellent tour and commentary, and time spent with Albert. Really helped me understand what my father faced over 70 years ago. Thanks.

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    Andreas Trostorf (Sonntag, 16 Oktober 2016 15:14)

    Eine sehr sachliche und informative Seite.

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    Andreas Trostorf (Samstag, 15 Oktober 2016 23:45)

    Eine sehr sachliche und informative Seite.

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    Laurie McDonald Maley (Dienstag, 11 Oktober 2016 03:18)

    Thank you, Albert, for the WONDERFUL tribute you did of my father, Cpl. Ambrose J. McDonald, 322nd FA Med Detach, 83rd Infantry Division. It is gratifying to be honored like this on your site and my father to be remembered for what my he did so that the wounded survived their injuries and were not taken by War. My father drove a jeep and took so many injured to the field hospitals, never knowing if his "passenger" would make it there alive or if he did, live past hospital treatment. I am sure some of the worst cases haunted him, not knowing if his aiding them and escorting them to further treatment made a difference, as his objective was to save lives. I thank you once more, Albert. You make us proud of my dad even more and it is a GREAT thing you are doing on here!

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    linda stymiest (Montag, 26 September 2016 22:57)

    My son and I spent a wonderful day with Albert in the Hurtgen Forest. Albert took us into the forest to see the different memorials along with a visit to the German cemetery. Also, a visit to Lammersdorf where my father fought with the 78th. He is an expert in his hobby. We were so appreciative! We ended the day with the famous pea soup with sausage at the Abby in the woods.
    Albert, when you come to Chicago next year you must head north 3 hours to Appleton, WI. We will welcome you and Sheila and show you how the cheeseheads live!!

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    Leonard E. Moorehouse (Donnerstag, 08 September 2016 00:44)

    My father Staff Sergeant Alwin W. Moorehouse was with E Company 26th Infantry since D-Day. Captured in the town of Merode in the Hurtgen Forest on November 29; 1944. Liberated in April 1945 at Stalag Fürstenberg by the Russian Red Army. I spent two days with Albert Trostorf a notetable WWII historian. His knowledge about the Battle is terrific. He showed us the former trenches and foxholes in the forest and guided us through the village of Merode. Next year I 'll come back with my two adult sons and their families.DJFa

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    Linda O'Leary (Donnerstag, 01 September 2016 04:08)

    Thank you Albert for everything you do to keep the memories of the WWII Veterans like my father alive. My father was very proud to have you as a friend and enjoyed your correspondence with him when he was alive. I have been told you are a fantastic tour guide and I hope eday to book a tour with you and visit the places my father was during the war. So special to see the areas that I heard him talk about when I was growing up. When I do make the trip, I will absolutely book the tour with you. Bless you for your dedication to preserving the memories and honoring these Veterans.